Accept your invitation

If you have been invited to join the Parashift Platform you can either use your existing user to join or on signup create a new user.

Invitation Email

If you have been invited to the Parashift platform you should receive an invitation email in the following format & layout,. Please also check the junk/spam folder in your email client should the invitiation email not arrive in 2 minutes after invitation.


Subject: You have been invited!

  1. To accept your invitation click the "Accept my invitation" link in the mail.
    It should direct you to a website with the URL:

You now have the option to either sign up with an already existing user (1) or create a new user (2)

1. Sign in with an already existing user

If you already have a user click option 1. and just sign up with your pre-existing credentials.

Learn more: Switch Tenant

2. Create a new user with sign up

If you want to create a new user with your sign up click option 2. and create a user.

Next steps

After creating a new user you can find more information about the usual next steps:

1. Verify your email address

2. Activate two-factor authentication (optional)

3. User Settings (optional)