Checklist Setup

This article discusses the initial workflow setup step by step. As well as the continuous optimization of the Classification and Extraction after the "Go live".

Checklist: Workflow setup

  1. Determine Tenant Hierarchy (What tenants are required?) 
    1. Customer (parent)
      1. Customer (child, prod)
      2. Customer (child, dev)
      3. Customer (child, test)
  2. Identify necessary Upload Profiles and associated workflows for each tenant: Separation, Classification, Extraction
  3. Request setup of tenants  and Upload Profiles from Parashift support:
  4. Invite users to tenant 
  5. Generate API keys
  6. Document Type setup: 
    1. Define required Document Types
    2. Create an overview of document types and a data definition for extraction values
    3. Collect training and testing Documents, including edge cases
    4. Evaluate available Standard Document Types
    5. Activate Standard Document Types or create new Document Types on Parent Tenant
    6. Train Individual Document Types
    7. Assess Document Type performance and request benchmark from the Parashift support:
    8. Analyze benchmarks and define configuration optimization measures
    9. Configuration Optimizing
    10. Additional training if initial training documents (separation, classification) or document data (extraction) is insufficient
    11. Set visibility of new Document Type to "sub-tenants"
    12. Activate Document Type on Sub Tenants for production mode
  7.  Initial Setup done

Checklist: Adjusting Document Types

  1. Adjust individual Document Type on Parent Tenant
  2. Test adjustments
  3. Finalize adjustments
  4. Train Document Type
  5. Evaluate quality
  6. Request benchmark from Parashift support:
  7. Review benchmarks and define measures for configuration optimization
  8. Conduct additional training if required
  9. Re-inherit Document Types on Sub Tenants

Checklist: Continuous Optimization Classification

  1. Monitor the automation rate over a period of time
  2. Determine if a new classification threshold is possible
  3. Request change of classification threshold from the Parashift support:

Checklist: Continuous Optimization Extraction

  1. Request benchmark from Parashift support:
  2. Evaluate the performance of Document Types
  3. Consider additional training if performance improvements are required
  4. Adjust Field thresholds according to Field performance