Combine automatic and manual classification

Learn how to combine automatic document classification with manual document classification.

Automatic classification can be used together with manual classification by not specifying a document type during upload.

When using a standard document type or an individual document type for which documents have already been validated, the platform automatically tries to assign a new document to a document type.

Configuration in the Upload Profile

Two values can be defined for this in the upload profile. On the one hand, it is possible to define a threshold value, from which probability a document is automatically assigned to the determined document type, on the other hand, a default document type can be stored for documents that do not reach this threshold value.

Process Diagram

It is first checked whether a document type was already specified during the upload. Subsequently, the automatic classification is performed and for each document type a probability is determined to which the document belongs to the document type. If the probability is high enough for a document type, this document type is used.

If no default document type is defined, the document is offered to the user for manual classification with the specification of the probability that applies to each document type.

Manual Classification

If you open the document classification interface, a probability value is displayed for each class, and the most probable document type is already selected.

You have to confirm the assignment via the "done" button as usual.