Use error codes for exception handling of documents

Learn how and when to use error codes in Classification and Extraction Validation

At the bottom of both our Classification and Extraction interface, you’ll find our error code buttons.

Upon picking an error code, the validation process ends, and the document reaches the status “done.”

All previously validated document types/fields will be saved, and the error code will be included once you request the resulting data via API.

Our error codes are to be set according to the following table (values in braces are the associated values in the API response):


Core information is not readable due to bad image quality or other factors

Multiple Documents in one file / "wrong" files (e.g. a black image)
Out of scope
The document is of a document type that is not available
Page Missing
A page with core information is obviously missing
Page Incomplete
A page is cut off / poorly scanned
Multiple documents on a page
Several documents sharing one page, e.g. four receipts on one page