Done, Save, Force-Done and Forwarding to 1st/2nd/3rd Level

Learn how to finish your Validation and/or hand it over to colleagues if you need support.

  1. By pressing the “Done” button, all changes will be saved and the document processing will finish.
  2. With the “Save” button you can save your validations without ending the processing. This is most used if you need to interrupt your validation task.
  3. The usage of “Force Done” should be kept to a minimum. With this button you can finish the processing without having to validate all fields. Unvalidated fields will not be taken into account for the training of our machine learning models, so we won’t be making any progress in terms of improvement on them.
  4. You can forward your document to a different level if you need some help from your colleagues or you gave help and want to send it back. The first option will always send your document one level up (Forward: Next Level), but you can also pick your desired level directly beneath that.