Invite additional Users

Learn how to invite additional users in your personal account.

Inviting new users

To add your colleagues to your Parashift account open the tenant settings.

  1. navigate to Settings > Tenant on the left-hand side

Invite a new user

  1. click Invite user
  2. Enter the email address of the new user
  3. Set their permissions ( Learn more: Roles and permissions )
  4. click Submit

The new user should have received an invitation email with the next steps to accept the invitation.

After a successful invite, you should see the new user in the user section of the tenant settings in the right column Invites until they accept their invitation and move to the official Users column.

Manage invited users

You have different options to manage invited users that have not yet accepted their invitation.

  1. Edit their permissions before the user joins ( Learn more: Roles and permissions )
  2. Resend the invitation link
  3. Cancel the invitation process

Learn more: Manage Users