Separate documents automatically

Learn how to process multiple documents in one base file, using a separation criterion.

The separation of files is the first step of the processing workflow, after uploading a new file to the Parashift Platform.
A file is considered as a container or batch. Depending on the settings of the upload configuration, this batch can be regarded as a document or automatically separated into single documents using the separation criteria.
Defining such a separation criterion allows scanning multiple documents in one scan. If no separation criterion is defined, the user must either perform the separation manually, or scan each document individually.

Example with a barcode as separation criteria

The Parashift Platform supports diverse separation configuration, such as separation pages between two documents, or barcodes which will be placed at the first page of a document.

In our example, a barcode is applied to the first page of each document.

Configuration of the barcode

First, a barcode with a unique structure must be defined. This should stand out from other barcodes on the documents, e.g. of type Code128, starting with "INV" followed by 10 consecutive digits.

Since several documents already get barcodes printed on them, it is important to stand out from the barcodes so as not to risk separation errors.

The definition must now be stored in the upload configuration in the section separation settings.

Process diagram

Based on the definition of the barcode, a process could start accordingly with the receipt of the documents. Subsequently, a barcode is manually applied to each the first page. After the documents have been scanned, these are split into single documents automatically by the platform and processed.