Upload documents via user interface

Learn how to upload documents with different settings for processing via the user interface.

Uploading documents can either be done manually via the Parashift platform website or via the web service (API) calls.

Document Upload Interface

You can open the document upload interface here: 

You can choose different upload settings here: 

Upload Settings

Batch Check this box if you want to use the Separation workflow step (splitting of several documents in one PDF) .
Validation required Check this box if you want to add configured manual validation  to the automated classification and extraction. 
Upload Profile Select an existing upload profile
Document Type Select an existing document type for this document. Only document types with status "live" are listed. If you do not select, the document type is automatically selected from the selection of document types with the status live in your client.
Not for training Check this box if you do not want to add this document for Machine Learning Model Training  (Useful for test runs with insufficient manual validation of the automatically extracted data).

Limits and prerequisites

There are some limitations to the files uploaded to the API.

  • The base64 encoded file must be a pdf, jpg, png or tiff
  • The minimum file size is 100 bytes (otherwise the platform assumes something went wrong if a file is this small)
  • The maximum file size is 10 MB.

Note: The user can upload unsupported file types like Word, Excel, or any other common mime-type. While the platform cannot automatically process these, the user can still able to upload them, classify and extract data manually.