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v22.03-2 Release Notes

New Extraction Validation, visual overhaul lists, pdf export, files & pages on api

A Note from our Head Product

Ladies and Gentleman 🎩 

It is my great pleasure to inform you that we have released some awesome features!

I want to take this note to first thank all Parashiftians for the work and sweat that they put into the new Extraction Validation interface, from developing to testing to generally playing guinea pig in using it. We had this cooking for a long time, and I like the result. 😁

Together with the new lists that came with this release, the new Extraction Validation marks the start to constantly improving our User Interface elements. Especially the validation interfaces and document lists will get a lot more attention from now on, continually improving consistency, smoothness and feature richness. ✨ Next up for lists are some much-requested features for filtering, sorting and saving tab groups, so stay tuned.

The new endpoints on our API V2, maybe not as flashy as a new user interface, also mark the start for us to push way more functionality on our API. 🔄 My goal is that any action you can do via User Interface is also possible via API. We are not there yet, and it will be a bumpy road, but important is that we start on this endeavour.

With that said, stay tuned for more features and as always, if you have any feedback feel free to reach out.




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Video Explainer

🎥 Also check out our release explainer video if you like 🎥



🔥 New Extraction Validation interface

We released a new Extraction Validation user interface that is faster, easier to use and gives more insights into the document and fields. What is not seen but felt when working with big documents (many pages, thousands of fields) is the lazy loading of the work area that enables now to process any document. Since the Extraction Validation is one of the most important interfaces in the Parashift Platform, we designed it to cater to casual and power users.

Some core features:

  • Updated field layout, display valid fields as "disabled" to draw attention only to faulty fields.
  • "Point & Shoot" to choose data from the document itself.
  • Re-worked jump order and warning confirmation; quickly jump from invalid to invalid field; there is no need to look at valid fields.
  • Added an info-box with extensive (but easy to understand) field and document information, comments and flags.
  • Lazy loading of data to (drastically) improve performance.

🅱️ We will keep this feature in "beta" for some weeks to allow everyone to train their users on this new experience; then, we will make the permanent switch. Details and dates will follow.


Detailed description, read more.


📜 Visual overhaul of all lists

Our lists served us well the last year, but it is time to overhaul. We started with a visual update, condensing information, hiding details behind tooltips to avoid losing the overview and reducing the number of buttons to only the most important.

This is the first step towards more future features like new filtering and sorting capabilities, the option to save filters as new tabs, selectable list rows and more.

🅱️ We will keep this feature in "beta" for some weeks to allow everyone to train their users on this new experience; then, we will make the permanent switch. Details and dates will follow.


🐩 PDF Export

With the introduction of more Separation features like uploading different file formats (pdf, jpg, png, tiff) and multiple files in one batch, we saw increased usage of precisely those features. (😲 who would have thought!)

One issue, however, was that now the documents coming into our platform are not necessarily the documents coming out since we change page structure, rotate pages and more. So what we needed, and now delivered, was a way to create an export document.

You can now configure the Platform to create an output pdf file for each processed document for further processing, archiving, easy viewing or print it out and pin it to a wall; we don't judge.

Another issue was...


🗂️ Pages + Files on the API

Until now, it was hard (to impossible) to exactly know which incoming files led to which batches, to which document and finally, which pages. We now expose more data on our API so that you can always trace the exact relationships between these objects. You can also easily download files (like the above-mentioned export pdf output file) and determine the ranking/ordering of, e.g. documents in a batch or pages in a document.


Check out the in-depth articles and our public API documentation:

(Sadly, one of the security features of our platform is that publicly accessible URLs expire rather quickly, otherwise I would have put this behind the URL in the screenshot above 😞)


Other Improvements

  • Improvements to line-item extraction, better consistency in predicting values in the same row
  • Better performance in "Single Mode" through removing pre-locking
  • Change "pending" status colour for better consistency



  • can't save personal user settings
  • duplicated sections in doctype configurator


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(If you know what a poodle emoji has to do with the pdf export feature, please tell me, I honestly don't know why I put it there besides that I liked the look of it)