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v22.08-2 Release Notes

Improved webhooks event view, preparation work for date parsing feature and stability improvements

This release focused mainly on stability improvements and bug fixes, so sadly not much to show off.

☔ Improved webhooks events overview

We added some more rows into the webhooks event overview to better spot unsuccessful events or events where it needed multiple attemps to get a webhook through.

💞 Other Improvements

  • Started fixing date parsing/conversion in Extraction Validation, more information with final feature release

🐛 Fixed

  • An issue with "old" Extraction Validation where wrong recognition value was picked from a document
  • Date without full year (22 instead of 2022) now parsed correctly
  • Document pages are not created properly in some cases where a document is created from a batch
  • Documents classified via API (POST /documents/classify) wrongly sent to manual Classification Validation
  • In isolated cases, serial mode throws users back into list view after 100 documents

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