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v22.08-4 Release Notes

Performance improvements to lists, new expert view for in-depth document meta information, checkbox support for new Extraction Validation, deprecation old Extraction Validation

🐎 Improved performance of all document lists

One essential component in the Parashift Platform are all the different document lists, from the general Overview down to specialised Extraction Validation lists sorted by Team and SLA.
 We focused on their performance and managed to at least half the loading times, for some special use cases with big page count documents we even managed to cut down loading times to 1/10th!
 Head over to your Parashift Platform tenant and test it out 😀
 (While at it we also threw in a new loading animation which, while not speeding up loading times, at least makes the little time you now need to wait more pleasant.)

👨‍🔬 New expert list mode

With the introduction of our new lists, we made working for casual users a lot easier. We shifted focus away from technical data attributes like the super detailed status and IDs to easier-to-understand visual representations.
While greatly appreciated by these casual users, the power users out there actually liked their very detailed status data and IDs and therefore kept using the old style 🤔
With the deprecation of the old list style (see last release notes) we needed to find a way to bring the powers users to the light side, introducing expert mode:
There is a new toggle atop every document list that lets you toggle between Standard or Export mode. Expert mode brings back the document ID (clickable to copy to clipboard), detailed workflow status and owner tenant id.

👋 Goodbye old friend, Extraction Validation

In March we released our new Extraction Validation interface. Last month we changed the default Extraction Validation to this new version and banished the old version behind the three-dot menu in all lists.
 But now it is time to slowly but definitely say goodbye to the old Extraction Validation style.
The old Extraction Validation interface will be permanently removed by
12 September 2022
The option in the three-dot menu in list views to open the old Extraction Validation interface will be removed by then as well.


💞 Other Improvements

  • improved status bubble logic to better display current document workflow step and status
  • changed page counter slightly to improve readability
  • moved some backend components to prepare for upcoming stability and performance improvements
  • improved webhook handling
  • improved backend logging for better traceability
  • checkbox support in new Extraction Validation

🐛 Fixed

  • 500 on mass API field update
  • allow all MIME types in UI interface for upload (if configured)
  • wrong data type for IDs in the comments API endpoint

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