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v22.11 Release Notes

Easily assign users to documents, new bulk actions, Intelligent Page Separation (closed beta), Extraction improvements


Assign users to documents

It is now easier than ever to assign a user to a document. No matter where in Parashift you are working with a document assigning a user is just one click away, from lists for a single document or as a bulk action or within any Validation interface.

Together with this we also reworked the user profile picture that now allows you to simply upload any picture.

Combined with custom filtered lists & tabs this greatly improves productivity around your Validation workflows.

More bulk actions

We added three new bulk actions to quickly

  • reset documents for a new Classification or Extraction run
  • copy document IDs (comma separated)
  • delete documents


Intelligent Page Separation (closed beta)

For select clients, we introduced intelligent document separation. This allows you to not only separate documents by fixed page count, barcode or separation page but now also intelligently.
For now this feature is still in a closed beta but if you are interested please just reach out :-)

Better Extraction

In November we started to roll out some big improvements to our Extraction algorithms. In the next months, we will continually work to roll these out everywhere which should lead to improvements in Extraction across the board, for every field and document type.
  • Better Extraction rates
  • Less training data required
  • Faster processing 

 💞 Other Improvements
  • "Interleaved 2 of 5" is now supported as a barcode type
  • Soft re-classify documents for easier benchmarking
  • Clearing big sections in Validation got a little UX upgrade making it more understandable

🐛 Fixed

  • item_index on API sometimes wrongly returned as null
  • identifier on API sometimes wrong
  • false redirect with single sign on (SSO)
  • Upload Documents button not properly destroyed on tenant switch
  • Fields are endlessly "saving" in Extraction Validation
  • Checkboxes missing in Extraction Validation


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