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v23.05-1 Release Notes

E-Mail attachment import, quickly download files, multiple Separation Methods

📧 E-Mail Attachment Import

You can now easily import any E-Mail attachments as documents into the Parashift Platform. Each upload configuration can have a configurable e-mail address.

We will parse any attachments in these e-mails and add them as documents to your tenant.


📥 Document/Batch Files

The document information got a new Tab, "Files". Here you find all the different files to your documents like the original Input File, the Export File that we create if you use Separation or the E-Mail if the document was created due to an e-mail import.


✂️ Multiple Separation Methods

You can now use multiple Separation Methods in a single upload configuration. This allows to separate e.g. first file (if you upload multiple files in one batch), then by a for example a fixed barcode and lastly then also intelligently.

But you can mix and match whatever your process requires.


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