Welcome as new customer at Parashift

Discover essential services for your successful start at Parashift

Welcome as a new customer or partner at Parashift. We are very happy about our cooperation and the path we will take together!

To ensure that our collaboration is as successful as possible right from the start, you can find out here which resources are available to you.

Onboarding/Extension Mode

For your onboarding phase, a selected onboarding specialist is available as a single point of contact with the following services: 

  • Welcome by Kick-Off-Meeting
  • Requirement Detail Discovery
  • Parashift Platform Workshops
  • Account Setup
  • Go-Live Support
  • Onboarding Finalising & Retrospective
  • Collaborative Marketing Actions

Support Mode

Following services are available for your success in your productive mode:



Feature Releases

Extension Mode

For the extension of your used services a selected Success Manager is available as single point of contact with following services: 

  • Discovery most valuable extension
  • Offering setup changes
  • Handover to Onboarding/Extension Mode

If there is something you miss, please inform us about support@parashift.io. We are always happy to improve our services in any way for you. Because only your success is our success.