Welcome as new customer at Parashift

Discover essential services for your successful start at Parashift

Welcome as a new customer or partner at Parashift. We are very happy about our cooperation and the path we will take together!

To ensure that our collaboration is as successful as possible right from the start, you can find out here which resources are available to you.

Onboarding Mode (with an assigned Customer Success Manager)

Welcome to the initial phase of your integration with Parashift's document processing platform. To ensure a seamless and effective transition, we assign a Customer Success Manager who will guide you through each step of the process. The following specialized services are available (please note, these are not available for self-service onboarding):

  • Onboarding Kick-Off Meeting: An initial session to outline project scope, set expectations, and establish communication channels.
  • Parashift Platform Trainings: Comprehensive training sessions tailored to familiarize your team with our platform's functionalities and features.
  • Requirement Alignment: A detailed analysis to align the platform’s capabilities with your business needs.
  • Tenant Configuration: Custom configuration of your Parashift environment to suit your specific operational requirements.
  • Ramp-Up Support: Ongoing support to assist with any challenges that arise during the initial implementation phase.

To maximize the efficiency of the onboarding process, we recommend careful consideration of the following aspects. Detailed preparation in these areas will significantly enhance the outcomes of the integration:

  • Project Involvement: Identify key stakeholders who should be involved in the onboarding process. Who will lead as the project manager or owner?
  • Document Types: Specify the types of documents your company will process using our platform.
  • Desired Features: Determine which features of the Parashift platform are critical for your business operations, such as page separation, document type classification, or document data extraction.
  • Integration Approach: Decide whether your team will handle the integration internally or if an external integration partner will be necessary.

By addressing these considerations early on, we can help ensure that the Parashift platform is tailored to meet your specific needs, thereby facilitating a smoother and more effective integration.

Support Mode

Upon successfully completing the onboarding mode and going productive, you will transition to the Support Mode. Here Parashift AG offers support to ensure your ongoing success. Following services are available for you:



Feature Releases

Extension Mode

For the extension of your used services again a selected Customer Success Manager (CSM) is available as single point of contact with following services (if you have booked the subscription "Success Plan"): 

  • Discovery most valuable extension
  • Offering Configuration Extension
  • Configuration Extension

If there is something you miss, please inform us about support@parashift.io. We are always happy to improve our services in any way for you. Because only your success is our success. 

Across all the different modes we strongly recommend to work always with our helpful Knowledge Base, recorded Platform Workshops and Technical & API documentation.