Workflow: Batches

How is the workflow for batches, from creation to done


The workflow for a batch is pretty simple, it gets created, is waiting for separation (if configured) and once all associated documents of the batch are done it switches to done itself.


The following batch attributes show the current workflow status of a batch:

Name Type Writable Details
status string no

Allowed values:

pending, in_progress, done, failed

To get a list of all batch attributes see Schema: Batches


Step Status Description
Inbound pending Waiting to be picked up by a backend task. This status should only be visible 1-2 seconds after upload.
Separation in_progress

Batch is waiting to be processed in Separation Validation, there are no documents created for this batch yet

Also the state after Separation as long as there are un-done documents in the batch.

Done done All documents inside of the batch have the status "done"

Recommended Reading

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